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New step!

After a really good time of work, now is time to come back to study! I’m enjoying 2011 at cold Canada, studying Classical animation at Vancouver Film School! Everything is being completely amazing, a lot of learning, new friends from all over the world and the most exciting, a lot of ANIMATION! We keep drawing everyday, all the time, watching movies, sharing links and sharing knowledge, it’s been awesome to be around of so special people. To share this experience, I’ll start to post some of my VFS works here… Hope you enjoy! =)



Set of professional work and personal projects in animation.

Scenes of : Abílio e Traquitana, Peixonauta, Uma História Qualquer, Bizorozib, Arthur e o Armário Gigante e Sapo Seco.

“Herbie and Gadgety” at TV Cultura website”

Now, TV Cultura put all 17 whole episodes, on Animatv website and started a vote to chose the best in internauts opinion!! I invite all to enter the site to see the pilot episod of  “Herbie and Gadgety” and the others that were very nice too and help us with your vote!

Coming soon!

At the beginnig of 2009 AnimaTV selected 17 projects of animated series, which, during the year produced their 11-minutes pilot episodes. Among them is “Herbie & Gadgety”, our animated series produced in association with Lightbox Studios. Now, from 25 to 30 January TV Cultura and TV Brasil will broadcast these pilots and then, after a report of animated series experts, audience and research with the target, 2 projects will be selected to produce 12 more episodes.

I invite you to learn a little bit more about our series on and watch the  on TV Cultura and TV Brasil. I will post the exhibition times soon!

As it all began…

Some scenes of my Graduation work, Herbie and Gadgety, made to UNESP Graphic Design University, and developed in partnership with Henrique Barone. Since then the project has been selected for two government prizes of animated series and we are now  producing the pilot episode for Animatv.  We don`t want to stop here…The project already change, but is always good remember as it all began!

In production…


A curious inventor and his smart gadget discover unusual connections by mixing knowledge and fun.

HERBIE and GADGETY is our selected project for the AnimaTV. This is a co-work with Lightbox Studios. We just finished the first part, when we should present 2 animated minuts. We are very happy because of  the results. you can see some stills below.

Premiere: End 2009 (pilot)
Channels: TV Cultura and TV Brasil
Format: 1 11-minutes pilot
Technique: Flash with 3D BGs
Target: 6-8 years





Abílio e Traquitana at ANIMATV!


Adventures and creations come!

Herbie and Gadgety, is one of  the 18 selected projects to the ANIMATV, for the development of a bible and a pilot episode!

We are very happy and with a lot of things to do! We will do ir in partnership of Lightbox



Have a nice visit!

Hi, I'm Fernanda Ribeiro, I'm graduated in Graphic Design in Brazil and now I'm studding Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School. After university and before coming to Canada, I had the opportunity to work as animator in some great projects. Here you can see them, some illustrations I keep doing all the time and also my new stuff from VFS. I hope you enjoy! =)


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